Monday, 21 June 2010

I'm Scottish I shouldn't have to deal with warmth.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't particularly like warm weather. I don't cope in it at all. I HATE sweating and I do it a lot. It's not even July yet and it seems to be bloody boiling outside. How I long for Autumn, that lovely time of year when it's not too warm and not cold enough to worry about ice.

Anyways, back in the real world I recently put my name down for volunteering at the Seagull trust and on Saturday went along to an open day to see what I can do. Had a brief presentation which seemed to go on too long for my liking, started to panic but didn't give into the fear. After that went out on a barge for a wee cruise, not easy when you're about twice the height of the inside, sitting down. Was a lovely peaceful way to see the canal though, I sound so old.

Elsewhere in the world the World Cup is still going on, it seems to me like it looks like it's playing Fifa on world class mode, running around not making many chances and having to 1 touch the ball before you get whacked by the computer. Although sadly today North Korea were playing on beginner setting, got humped 7-0 by Portugal. 


  1. You don't know what heat IS boy. My handy google gadget says your temps were 22 degrees C. today. That's LAME, GAY heat. We have 22 on bad weather days. Talk to me when it's 37 degrees. :)

    Like WE have any hot days this year yet. Damn weather's given us YOUR crappy weather.

  2. GIVE me my crap weather back, anything over 12 degrees C is too warm.

    I'm sure I live in a micro climate where the temperature reaches like 400degrees C.

  3. I love the title of this entry - it is priceless and you can keep the heat. I haven't a clue what 22 C or 37 C is and because I'm an American I'm going to be lazy and not convert it.

    If you're complaining now, what are you going to be like in August?

    Veg Ass - you're in freakin Canada -- does it ever get hot there?

  4. I'll be complaining until it gets cooler then I'll be complaining that there's ice.