Monday, 26 July 2010

It's about time

After many years of using my legs I've finally decided to actually try to legally learn to drive. Of course I'm already an expert thanks to computer games like Project Gotham Racing, Forza and Need for Speed so this should be a cake walk. However I've failed to learn how to use brakes and prefer to use other cars to get around corners "safely" so that could be a minor issue.

My lesson isn't till this afternoon but that just gives me time to build up my anxiety, I'm already worried about killing someone. I've never been good at exams and with my nerves I can't see an instructor passing me. It will open up more opportunities though, more job prospects and of course will help me survive in the mean streets by offering the security of a revenge drive by.

However I can just picture myself passing out or opening the door and running away, with or without the car being stationary.

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