Friday, 16 July 2010

People still don't listen

The other day someone phoned our house, my father answered and the person said " Yo there's a problem with your computer" now the normal person with common sense would automatically think yo is a strange way to start a business conversation but not my father, he just said to the person of foreign origin that it was his wife who dealt with that and passed the phone over. Now my mother does have an issues with her computer but she's also rather naive so when the person claimed to be Microsoft she blindly believed them.

She sat down at her computer and proceeded to be her helpful self, doing everything the man told her and even trying to joke with them. They directed her to a site nothing to do with Microsoft which lets people have remote access to your computer from anywhere in the world. Hmmm that seems odd but of course they told her they were searching for the problem. Now she sat there for 40 minutes letting them have free range of her files before it asked her to buy something, which at that point she did make some excuses and hang up. The people on the other end didn't hang up though.

Now at that stage I appeared and used my mobile to phone my brother in law who has a good understanding of computers, he told me to disconnect the internet and switch everything off. Which I did.

Meanwhile my father is phoning the house trying to see if he gets through, no still engaged. Chris then says to dial 1471 and get the number to give to the police, I tell my father to dial 1471 and it comes back with a mobile number. I log onto the police website and start looking at forms, I suddenly think of something and ask my father what HIS mobile number is. He doesn't know so goes and looks. Comes back AND the number matches the one he gave me.  

The day after I tell my mother NOT to switch on the computer explaining that it's most likely there will be programmes on her computer to muck up the firewall and virus scanner. I come back later to find out she has used her computer and says it's fine. She doesn't actually know it's fine, she's just saying that. I told her to at least phone her bank and warn them. Does she do that? No instead she logs into her bank account online whilst I'm telling her about keyloggers.

Ah parents are fun.

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