Thursday, 19 August 2010

Computer problems again

Came back on Monday to find that my computer wouldn't turn on. For some reason it just sat there, flashing it's little green light at me. Not sure what happened whilst I was away but it's annoying.

Have been looking at computers for a few months, mainly for gaming but it's only wishful thinking at this current point in time. Slightly jealous of America at the moment, was looking up various sites and came across an American price comparison site . Has a lot of items for sale you can find on various sites including listings of Ebay, which is pretty damn useful. Would be great if there was a UK version available.

After looking at computers I took some time to look around the rest of the site. After spending time as a landscape gardener my eyes were drawn to various types of lawn mowers. Just look at Zero turn lawn mowers . If I was still doing lawns I'd love to have a ride on mower, which male wouldn't? Makes the job so much quicker and easier. I guess it's a lot of money but when you compare it to a normal push mower it'd take you less than a quarter of the time. Even when compared to a petrol mower you'd take half the time and do a neater more even job. You'd be able to do more gardens in the same length of time so eventually it'd pay for itself. Not all mowers are even that expensive Ariens lawn mower , it's not that much more than the price of a good petrol mower and would be a lot quicker.

I guess it all depends on the size of the gardens of grounds you're tackling. I had to work in a variety of gardens from large private ones to commercial ones and small home gardens. For commercial gardens and large private gardens where people except a certain level of finish you really need a good mower. I know from personal experience that certain types of mower such as petrol mowers used by local councils really don't work that well due to the small number of options you get for heights of the blades and since most councils are on a tight schedule they never adjust the heights from garden to garden. You end up with very patchy grass, sometimes even leaving bare soil and it just looks a complete mess. I think if I were doing it today I'd use Ariens lawn mower , it's relatively cheap and a good product that would allow you not to cut corners on workmanship at the expensive of time.

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