Monday, 23 August 2010

A lovely Sunday day.

Was a weird sunny rainy day today. Which really isn't that weird at all for Scotland. Haven't been feeling particularly upbeat for a wee while, not sure if that's related to the medication decrease. Anyways started out in Stirling, had a lovely chicken mayo baguette which was nice. Bought some jeans which of course I don't believe in trying them on in the shops, got them home to try on to discover I could get them up but they were rather on the tight side and couldn't get my nether regions inside. So I'll have to send my mum back to return them.

After that went to watch a pub football team, made me want to play football. I'm too unfit but Christ the goalie was pretty shite, seemed to have a wheelie bin full of pies beside the goals. Then went to watch Man utd play Fulham. Was sitting in Sportsters in Falkirk when suddenly the frigging door shattered. No idea what happened but the police turned up and took away some CCTV footage. Falkirk Herald will be anticipated now. As for the match it ended Fulham 2 - Man Utd 2 but don't worry, yesterday Falkirk beat Stirling Albion 3-0.

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