Monday, 9 August 2010

On the road.

Today I left the confines of the Falkirk Wheel car park and headed out on to the open road. Firstly I had to navigate one roundabout and head up into Camelon and around another roundabout and back again. So far I'm not that good with roundabouts, doing a lot of over steering. After successfully not hitting anything I drove further around another two roundabouts into Bainsford, managed to stall the car once. Which was fun. I managed to keep the car on the right side of the road so that's an improvement and managed to go at a constant speed without juddering along, so already I'm a better driver than my mother.

Driving instructor thought I was good enough to drive home and even if I wasn't it's only people in Denny who were at risk so that's fine. Coming back from Falkirk managed to do 50mph, which is legal since it's a 60mph speed limit, was going fine until I came to Denny Cross. Traffic lights were at red so had to stop, once they turned to green a very very very very slow moving old man decided that he'd cross the road, right on the way I was heading, so I had to sit in the middle of the road like a twit waiting on him. Far too many witnesses at that time to do Saints Row style driving.

However slowly and surely I seem to be getting better at it.

If I did hit someone would that mean my car insurance premium would go even higher? Hmm

Oh my sister also passed me whilst driving, I never noticed her but she noticed me, she told me that I seemed to be doing fine. She of course didn't see me in Bainsford holding up the traffic after panicking. My anxiety still exists.


  1. I should be teaching you to drive. That'd be awesome.

  2. Assuming you might have been humming Bohemian Rhapsody? In a couple of weeks you'll be a pro and it will all seem so natural. The driving, that is.

  3. You might actually be taller than my instructor Marti she's tiny.

    Nah I haven't been humming or singing whilst driving yet, I'm too busy thinking about looking in mirrors and gear changing. I'm hoping it comes natural eventually, everyone keeps saying it but christ it aint as easy as it looks.