Tuesday, 3 August 2010

So you're not supposed to brake that hard?

Had my second driving lesson yesterday, I think it went okay but to be honest I'm not really getting the hang of it. For example the push-pull system of the wheel is a concept I just can't grasp, I keep trying to turn the wheel 360degrees without moving my hands out of position. Sooner or later I think I'll realise my arms can't go through each other.

I can't seem to change gear without looking at the gear stick, it's not very helpful to take your eyes off of the road.

This time I had to drive to different car parks and around roundabouts. Again steering is an issue, I either forget to steer or try to steer too much. Go around a roundabout you're supposed to keep you hands in one position, I kept moving mine and kept turning. I also managed to go 40mph in a 30 mph zone, whoops. I struggle with the concept of light touches to the accelerator and when she says brake I BRAKE, full foot on the brake in a move that could decapitate or result in a lovely windshield cannon move.

The Falkirk wheel is quite a popular tourist attraction so you there are other cars on the roads near it, often the people are from other countries so you never know what they might drive like. Fortunately I too drive like I'm foreign, on the wrong side of the road. 

Next week I'll be out on the open road. Wooooooooooo.

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