Sunday, 26 September 2010

Seems memory can only store 2 things

Well this weekend I've been kitten sitting for my sister and brother in law. They recently moved house o a much bigger one, well that is compared to their old house. Sadly their older cat has got an aggressive type of cancer, I've known her since she was a kitten and it's just another low in her life after losing her brother. She seems very depressed, not sure if cats get depression but she just looks very sad. Thankfully she seems to be in no pain even though her back leg is about twice the size of her normal legs. She loves to get brushed so I've been doing a fair bit of that this weekend. Her medication is ridiculous, she has 2 tablets that she gets twice a day but one of them she only gets half a tablet and the other she only gets 1/6th. The tablet is only a couple of mm across, have you ever tried to cut a tablet into a sixth? I sprayed most of it as dust over the kitchen floor.

My sister got a couple of kittens recently which are shown above, one's male (Ash) and the other is female (Willow) sadly my sister didn't go with the names that I suggested. Like her older cat, the female kitten has medication to get, just an eye drop into her left eye twice a day. Not an easy task. I managed it last night but this morning I have no idea if the drop went into her eye or not, she wriggled just at the exact time I squeezed the tube then went off and licked herself. The medication says for external use only so now I'm paranoid that I've damaged her kitten. 

To make sure that I didn't forget to give the cat and kittens their medication I made a note of what they were to get and when on a piece of paper. Unfortunately it seems my brain can only hold 2 pieces of information at a time. Despite taking my own medication for over a year I managed to forget it yesterday.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Predictive text, using the cup to travel.

It's bad enough sitting on a bus when it's full but it's even worse when you text to complain about it and type cup instead. Anyways went to Falkirk earlier to see about volunteering, had to get the bus and after Denny it was packed, full of old and other strange people. Had two old neddy women behind me talking loudly and eating even louder, I hate hearing people eat especially when you can hear ever chew and their tongue unsticking itself from the top of their mouth. Sitting cramped in on a warm, sweaty, smelly bus already makes me feel sick but hearing the constant chewing is far far worse. One day I'm just going to snap and shout at people.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It's alive

Well I managed to fix my computer, I think anyway. Well it turns on now. Had to get a new power supply unit, fitted it myself which I'm proud of. Not sure I've done it right though since sometimes keeps beeping that something is loose.

When one thing gets fixed it normally means balance must be restored and hey presto the kitchen sink decides to get completely blocked. Been working on it for a few days but to no real success. The blockage is pretty well far down the pipe. Drain cleaners so far haven't worked. Fun fun fun.

Driving was going better till my instructor got a new car. She had a diesel now she has a petrol one. I'm finding it much easier to stall. My road positioning is getting a lot better but a cat ran out in front of me and I immediately swerved onto the other side of the road. Wasn't the best move to make.