Tuesday, 14 September 2010

It's alive

Well I managed to fix my computer, I think anyway. Well it turns on now. Had to get a new power supply unit, fitted it myself which I'm proud of. Not sure I've done it right though since sometimes keeps beeping that something is loose.

When one thing gets fixed it normally means balance must be restored and hey presto the kitchen sink decides to get completely blocked. Been working on it for a few days but to no real success. The blockage is pretty well far down the pipe. Drain cleaners so far haven't worked. Fun fun fun.

Driving was going better till my instructor got a new car. She had a diesel now she has a petrol one. I'm finding it much easier to stall. My road positioning is getting a lot better but a cat ran out in front of me and I immediately swerved onto the other side of the road. Wasn't the best move to make. 

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