Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I wrote a little song

When I open that door
And lock it behind me
I begin to feel safe

I lift the lid
And check the seat
Before I get in place

I drop my trousers
I drop my boxers
And get ready for what I’m about to face

I grit my teeth
and close my eyes
relax my bowels and feel that sweet em-brace

It’s pooing time
It’s pooing time
That food has worked it’s way through
And now it’s time for me to go poo poo
Pooo Poooo

Hey there mr sweetcorn
Hey there mrs pepper skin
It’s lovely to see you
I enjoyed your nutritional value
But I hope we don’t meet again

It’s no offence to you
I’m sure you’re nice
But you’re covered in my faeces

On another note went to the doctors on Monday, didn't see my regular doctor but he reduced my medication further to 1 tablet every second day. Not sure how that'll go. 

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