Monday, 15 November 2010

At the hospital again

Had to go to the hospital today for another ECG. I'm pretty sure it's just routine. It was at the new hospital in the area after most of the departments at Falkirk were moved. It's quite nice inside but the first thing you come across is a Starbucks, seems an odd thing to have in a hospital.

Went quite quick which is good, usually they run late. Was another old short lady like the last time, always find it uncomfortable but I guess an attractive young nurse would be a lot worse. Hate having to stand there topless before it begins and then afterwards wiping the gel of my chest like a cheap porno but I guess that's normally a topless woman and some sort of cream.

On Saturday I was at the psychiatrist again. I turned up on time and buzzed the buzzer, no answer. Waited 5 minutes, buzzed again, no answer, another 5 minutes, buzzed, no answer, this went on till just after 20 past. Finally someone came, he must of been another psychiatrist who was in a session, I felt really bad. The guy I was meant to see was running about 30 minutes late. Once inside I got taught how to hit myself, not violently but in a sort of tapping manner that is meant to help nerves.

Tór has had his second jab now so will soon be able to go on nice long walks.

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