Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

God damn blisters

Been working for over a week now, done 6 shifts, just 9 to go then it's back to job hunting. Still having some major issues trying to sleep after work.

Working tomorrow and Thursday then off till the 27th then it's 4 nights in a row, new years eve off then working the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. After that I have to try change sleep patterns again.

Haven't had a driving lesson in a while, first due to the snow making conditions very bad, then work getting in the way due to sleep. Not sure when I should make my next one for. Have to re-book my theory test too, again don't know when for.

Keep injuring myself at night, I keep getting blisters on my left baby toe and my heels. Managed to slice my palm with a shelf  too. It's annoying getting cardboard cuts.

Friday, 17 December 2010

What the hell is sleep?

Been working for a week now, the job is fine, it's surprisingly not tiring but there is one problem. Sleep. When I finish I'm still not tired enough to sleep and I know I have to feed the dog at 12ish so I get an hour or two sleep before waking up again. After that I might get a few more hours but it's bloody hard to sleep.

The people are all mostly nice and friendly and the time goes pretty fast. Being tall helps a lot, means I don't have to use a Dalek / kick stool.

75% of the night shift staff seem to smoke, not sure if that's related to working nights.

Sunday, 12 December 2010


Well just finished my first shift, working 10pm till 7am. Surprisingly even though I only had a few hours sleep yesterday I wasn't tired at all and still aint :s One thing though, my feet hurt, need more comfortable shoes, tempted to get some black DCs and see if that's ok but I don't ken especially with Christmas coming up the store will stay open till 12 so the people might come in and see us.

Mostly older folk seem to work the night shift, everyone seems nice and friendly though, as someone I know says " ASDA BUDDIES!!" For Americans, Asda is owned by Walmart.

Working again tonight, just hope I remember.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's snow bother

Sometimes I just hate life, actually I hate it a lot of the time. With all this snow it's meant that my father has had to be home rather than be able to get to work and all he has done is play with stamps for an auction that got canceled due to the weather. I was meant to start work last Tuesday when the snow hit and it got canceled, it was pushed back. At one point my mothers car was stuck at my grans, so he suggested that we went and dug her out so she could come home. Once we got to Falkirk, with the dog in tow myself and the dog went up to my grans with a spade and he said to me he'd be back later. Working by myself to dig the car out of snow and a good few inches of ice I finally finished and he still wasn't back, an hour or so later he phones to ask where myself and my mother were.

He told my mother it was my idea to come dig her out so she could drive me to work in the morning even though I had said to him that he can do it. He said to my gran that he thought I was just staying overnight despite the fact I didn't bring clothes and I had no food for the dog.

Also my sister and brother in law aren't speaking to me which according to my mother it's apparently my fault, despite the fact I sent her a birthday card and a good luck text, to which I received no reply, I texted my brother in law when they were in London, to which I received no reply. When I got the job, I didn't get any congratulations, instead I got told by my mother that they just criticised the fact I had got a job and now had a puppy that needed someone to look after it whilst I was at work. Now I know I'm flawed but I can't see how being ignored is my fault. To make it worse, bumped into them in Falkirk, now I was going around a corner and not looking, like I normally do so didn't see them and they tell my mother I ignored them.

Now my father is complaining that I have a job and have to go to it in this weather. He's complained behind my back for 9 fucking years and now I do something and he fucking complains.

I'll be working night shift so I will be able to look after my puppy during the day and thank fuck I won't have to see people too much. If I get offered any holidays to work I'll be taking them, I hope I'll be working Christmas day cause I sure as fuck won't be spending it with family.

Despite all that, it's still just myself who I hate. 

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

It's a bit nippy outside

Well I got a job finally, only took 2.5 years, the interview was fun, got to play with marshmallows and spaghetti. Was supposed to start last Tuesday but the weather kind of ruined that so it was postponed until yesterday. Then yesterday it snowed again, took 30mins to do half a mile so it has now been postponed until this Thursday. I hate snow and I hate ice even more. However T├│rshavn seems to love the snow, likes bouncing about in it and digging like mad. See

Keep forgetting to take some nice icicle pictures, this is all I have so far.