Tuesday, 21 December 2010

God damn blisters

Been working for over a week now, done 6 shifts, just 9 to go then it's back to job hunting. Still having some major issues trying to sleep after work.

Working tomorrow and Thursday then off till the 27th then it's 4 nights in a row, new years eve off then working the 1st, 2nd and 3rd. After that I have to try change sleep patterns again.

Haven't had a driving lesson in a while, first due to the snow making conditions very bad, then work getting in the way due to sleep. Not sure when I should make my next one for. Have to re-book my theory test too, again don't know when for.

Keep injuring myself at night, I keep getting blisters on my left baby toe and my heels. Managed to slice my palm with a shelf  too. It's annoying getting cardboard cuts.


  1. You're such a girl.

  2. They hurt, I could be blistered to death.

  3. Huge gigantic girl!