Thursday, 9 December 2010

It's snow bother

Sometimes I just hate life, actually I hate it a lot of the time. With all this snow it's meant that my father has had to be home rather than be able to get to work and all he has done is play with stamps for an auction that got canceled due to the weather. I was meant to start work last Tuesday when the snow hit and it got canceled, it was pushed back. At one point my mothers car was stuck at my grans, so he suggested that we went and dug her out so she could come home. Once we got to Falkirk, with the dog in tow myself and the dog went up to my grans with a spade and he said to me he'd be back later. Working by myself to dig the car out of snow and a good few inches of ice I finally finished and he still wasn't back, an hour or so later he phones to ask where myself and my mother were.

He told my mother it was my idea to come dig her out so she could drive me to work in the morning even though I had said to him that he can do it. He said to my gran that he thought I was just staying overnight despite the fact I didn't bring clothes and I had no food for the dog.

Also my sister and brother in law aren't speaking to me which according to my mother it's apparently my fault, despite the fact I sent her a birthday card and a good luck text, to which I received no reply, I texted my brother in law when they were in London, to which I received no reply. When I got the job, I didn't get any congratulations, instead I got told by my mother that they just criticised the fact I had got a job and now had a puppy that needed someone to look after it whilst I was at work. Now I know I'm flawed but I can't see how being ignored is my fault. To make it worse, bumped into them in Falkirk, now I was going around a corner and not looking, like I normally do so didn't see them and they tell my mother I ignored them.

Now my father is complaining that I have a job and have to go to it in this weather. He's complained behind my back for 9 fucking years and now I do something and he fucking complains.

I'll be working night shift so I will be able to look after my puppy during the day and thank fuck I won't have to see people too much. If I get offered any holidays to work I'll be taking them, I hope I'll be working Christmas day cause I sure as fuck won't be spending it with family.

Despite all that, it's still just myself who I hate. 


  1. I've not fallen out with you. I got a text from you while I was walking round London that said "Don't know if you've heard but Michael Jackson is dead". Sorry. Wasn't sure how to reply to that.

    As for all the stuff your Mum has said we said. Erm, dunno where that has come from. As I remember it she was the one saying those things. If she is using us as a way of giving you her opinion that sucks.

    Working and having a puppy? Lots of people do that, they just leave them at home.

    On Sunday it did seem like you ignored us. You made eye contact, or at least seemed to.

  2. I was told that you pair had said that to mum and tbh I was pretty pissed off at it. That's what I got told along with stuff about your new cat.

  3. As for Sunday I genuinely didn't see you when we walked around the corner and I had no idea what to say since as far as I was aware you were criticising me behind my back and I'm not very good at fake niceness.

  4. Well I only found out about your new job when your Gran was on the phone to Ali to say Max was out of needles for his insulin and your Mum couldn't get them. She'd apparently gone home to puppy sit so you could go to work and got stuck there leaving your Gran stuck in the house on her own.

    Thankfully the neighbours went and got her the needles and dog food and other messages when she ran out because we couldn't get the car up either.

    Your Gran didn't know anything about the job other than it was at Asda. Her memory is deteriorating very badly now :-( Because Ali does all her shopping she's running low on everything, but we got across yesterday and will get her sorted.

    I'm taking her to the vet today since Max has missed his last 2 appointments. I'll take her shopping and to the library too.

    It is a shame your Mum can't take the time to find out what she needs, but she basically comes over and knits. Yesterday she spent the whole day upstairs knitting. Max was locked in the livingroom so him and Tor wouldn't play/fight and Tor had the run of the rest of the house. It is hard for your gran when Tor is over, because he is so big and full of energy. Like when he bashes into her varicose veins and it is really sore. But because your Mum basically said either Tor comes or I don't she didn't feel like she had much choice.

    When I phoned across to see what your Gran needed your Mum told me "brandy", she didn't know what else your Gran needed (because she never looks), so I spoke to your Gran but she wasn't sure what was in the cupboards and what she needed (her memory again), so we went up after Ali finished work and Ali checked the cupboards.

    The only opinion I've expressed about the whole job thing is that I don't understand why you need to be taken everywhere by your Mum. Apparently you are working 10pm to 6 am? Well you can get a no 1 bus from Dunipace to Asda at 2125 arriving at 2150. You can get bus back at 714 from Asda. But that is an aside.

    Your Mum said that the novelty of dog ownership seemed to have worn off for you as her and your Dad were having to walk the dog because you weren't getting up and dressed and they were also having to puppy sit so you and Sarah can go out.

    Everyone seems to think the puppy is too big, and I agree with that, but that was your and Sarah's choice.

    I'm glad you have a job and it should make it easier to get another (your Mum said it is only for 3 weeks?).

    I guess the biggest problem is that because no one speaks to each other directly it is like Chinese whispers. The message that started of "Send reinforcements we're going to advance" ends up "Send 3 and 4 pence we're going to a dance".

  5. My mum has walked the dog once, my dad has walk it maybe twice but it won't go with him. You can see the photographic evidence that it's me walking him.

    For the past 2 weeks the pair of them haven't been getting up until nearly 10 am so it's been me getting up at 6.30 doing everything.

    I don't think she still acknowledges the fact that her malteasers could of killed max.

    Again dad can't puppy sit cause the dog doesn't seem to like him and he just gets fed up after 5 minutes. I think they've puppy sat twice, once to go out and the other time while we went to get food for the dog. 95% of the time the dog is with us. I asked someone to look after him for 10 minutes the other day while I fixed the plumbing again, which I have no idea how to fix but nobody else would do it and I didn't think it would be good for Tor to lick bleach. Or when I'm having a wash so he doesn't wreck the place.

    I was slightly skeptical about getting Tor but I didn't raise any concerns so that's my fault.

    Also Dougie is her cat, she brought it home all those years ago and I can't remember the last time she fed him, cleaned up his accidents...cause I do all that.

    She complains when I don't leave the dog there, asking where's my baby when I get home with him.

    It was me and mum who got the insulin and needles for max. I know he can be playful so when I'm there I always make sure he doesn't hit gran and not near max since max gets very angry when he can't see anything and lashes out.

    Both times when I've been over clearing some snow I've asked gran if she needs anything and she said no. Mum doesn't need brandy she got a bottle last week.

    As for travel atm, not all buses are running cause of the weather and I normally get a lift when she's going to grans anyway. I do still have problems getting on crowded buses though. First shift is on Saturday so I won't be able to get a bus early on sunday so not entirely sure what to do.

    I like big dogs so I don't see that as a problem. If I thought he was just a novelty I wouldn't have got him.

    She told me that she didn't do any knitting yesterday.

    Also said that you and Ali didn't help take stuff to the car, just sat there and let her puff and pant.

    When I heard about you getting a new cat I questioned the point since you had Keira and just got the kittens. It seemed odd to bring in a new cat when you had just got the kittens. Later finding out from mum that Keira had been put down she said it wasn't right that you pair had got a new cat so soon and questioned the timing and responsibility, there was more but I get fed up of listening to her complain.

    Everytime her computer goes weird or broken I have to fix it and she complains that she keeps asking you to have a look at it but you never do. I keep telling her it's not your problem and shouldn't expect you to do it when you have other things to do.

  6. Hope you don't mind my 2 cents... If you do mind then it's tough... Here they are.
    I will only comment on the dog situation and I don't want you to feel
    I'm taking sides as I'm not and I don't know everything.

    It seems to me from all the above that Tor is the cause of a few problems due to 'not being able to be left alone'
    You've got to teach him to be alone or he'll NEVER get used to it, find a room and clear it of anything you care about, leave him alone for small periods to start with and if he barks ignore him and only go to him when he's quiet. Eventually he'll get the picture. If you mollycoddle (yeh nice use of that word I know) him then you'll always have to be with him which is bad for you and him.
    Basically he HAS to be on his own... He's a dog and they're fine alone for hours...just remember that.
    If there isn't a place for him to be alone then I'm sorry but you'll have to change the situation because the problems will continue until you fall out irreversably with a family member. The dogs life has to fit into your life not the other way round, might sound harsh but it's true.

  7. I do know that but he's still just a puppy so can't really be left for hours on end yet.

  8. Epic, so your Mum tells you that we've said stuff we haven't and makes you feel like we hate you, and tells us utter shit too.

    E.g. She says she has had the dog out half a dozen times.

    Your Mum did knit yesterday, and today she had the motor going when I brought your Gran and Max back. It was to get something finshed for the farmers market.

    She came into the house puffing and panting after trying to clear the car and declined Ali's offer of help as "it is only two carrier bags".

    What I can deduce is that if we all keep listening to your Mum, rather than speaking to each other, then you are always going to think we hate you!

  9. Ok look at section 4 of your big post... You asked someone to look after him for 10 mins while you plumbed. Also to look after him while you wash, seriously? I told you weeks ago he needs to be left alone and you said hes just a puppy, you can't keep using that as an excuse. Look I'm trying to help you but you're not taking my advice even though it's good advice...I'm not having a go but you need to realise that I'm right...if you were a complete recluse with no job etc then fair enough the dog can be constantly looked after by you but if you plan on having a life then you can't expec people to look after a dog who needs constant attention and that's what he's going to be like if you dont teach him to be alone.
    Example - we got Guinness when i had my Xmas break from work for 2 weeks last year... During that time we left him alone for first 15 mins then 20 then 25 etc etc until by the end of 2 weeks he could be left alone for up to an hour... That's at 3 months old and a lab... One of the chewiest puppies ever. He also always slept alone on the kitchen from the night we bought him home. Ignore the initial crying and they get used to it.
    Please listen to free advice or you're life is only going to seem even shitter than you already feel it is when you either have to get rid of Tor or have constant arguments with family.

  10. I just asked about the novelty comment and apparently it was dad who said that.....hmm...and now she's in the humph about being accused.

    Famers market was cancelled so she doesn't have that anymore.

    She's only had the dog out once maybe twice unless she's including letting him out the back which isn't walking him.

    Marti, just left him alone for 45 mins and he eventually settled down.

  11. Didn't realise you had left a post at the same time as I had posted.

    I know I'm not tough enough on him, I hate feeling mean to him and I know that's my fault.

    I seriously do understand what you're saying and I know I need to learn to be more harsh on him.