Sunday, 12 December 2010


Well just finished my first shift, working 10pm till 7am. Surprisingly even though I only had a few hours sleep yesterday I wasn't tired at all and still aint :s One thing though, my feet hurt, need more comfortable shoes, tempted to get some black DCs and see if that's ok but I don't ken especially with Christmas coming up the store will stay open till 12 so the people might come in and see us.

Mostly older folk seem to work the night shift, everyone seems nice and friendly though, as someone I know says " ASDA BUDDIES!!" For Americans, Asda is owned by Walmart.

Working again tonight, just hope I remember.


  1. It's awesome you're working, Mr. Dreich. And don't worry about the feet thing. I used to work a retail job years ago after college and I remember thinking my feet were going to die the first few weeks but then you accustom to it and it's fine. Think of all the calories it burns. That's some Irn Bru you can drink! :)

  2. The feet thing is due to wearing formal shoes for quite a few hours after wearing only boots, trainers and lovely lovely lovey DCs for over a decade.