Sunday, 13 February 2011

I see trees

My grans new puppy Dochie. Picture taken by my brother in law.

Another time of swimming and I think I'm slightly better at it, well at least remembering what I'm doing when I try to do it. However there were quite a few annoying little people at the pool diving in at the deep end. I say diving but really it was bombing. One of them jumped right in front of me, I was not happy. Two old men in the lane next to me had to ask them to stop but they didn't. I considered drowning them but apparently that's illegal.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Been a while

Haven't posted in a while, no specific reason really.

Have been updating my dogs site though. If you go by weeks, as in 52 weeks in the year so 21 weeks being 6 months so he'll be 6 months old in a week but if you go by actual dates he'll be 6months old on the 2nd of March. He's doing pretty well at puppy classes but he doesn't really like doing stand stays.

My gran got a new puppy on Sunday, it's a male Patterdale Terrier called Dochie. He hasn't met Tór yet but should in the near future to get used to him.

Other than that still going to a dude every second Saturday to sort out my social anxiety. Went swimming on Wednesday which was scary but was fince after getting in the pool, that is till having to get out. I actually forgot what to do with my mouth when swimming.