Thursday, 17 March 2011

Almost 28

Christ can't believe I'm almost 28. Seems like only yesterday I was out on a car trip for my 27th with my sister and brother in law. That turned into a nice day although I think that might of been the day wee hit a massive pothole in the car. Although it may of been when we went to see the red kites.

Was going to talk about Comic Relief's twitrelief auctions but busy watching the football at the moment. It's rather depressing watching Scottish football.

Got my driving test coming up in around 3 weeks, think I'll be shitting it, I make a lot of stupid mistakes when I  panic.

Other than that been trying to decide when to get Tór stripped of his manlyness. He's getting more interested in females and more aggressive when he doesn't get near them. There's lots of varying views on it, some say you can get it done whenever, others say you should wait until they're mentally and physically mature.