Thursday, 17 March 2011

Almost 28

Christ can't believe I'm almost 28. Seems like only yesterday I was out on a car trip for my 27th with my sister and brother in law. That turned into a nice day although I think that might of been the day wee hit a massive pothole in the car. Although it may of been when we went to see the red kites.

Was going to talk about Comic Relief's twitrelief auctions but busy watching the football at the moment. It's rather depressing watching Scottish football.

Got my driving test coming up in around 3 weeks, think I'll be shitting it, I make a lot of stupid mistakes when I  panic.

Other than that been trying to decide when to get Tór stripped of his manlyness. He's getting more interested in females and more aggressive when he doesn't get near them. There's lots of varying views on it, some say you can get it done whenever, others say you should wait until they're mentally and physically mature.


  1. As a rule, a year old is fine. But people say before and others say after. It really doesn't matter.

  2. There's behaviourlist that say you should wait almost 3 years so your dog is not an eternal pup. The vet said he can get it done anytime since both his balls were down. Other vets seem to say wait till 18 - 24 months. Apparently some vets in America do it at 8 weeks. Even people on the great dane forums have differing advice.

    Some say you want them to start cocking their leg so other entire males don't try to hump them. Then there's all the ones that say you have to wait so that all the bones and muscles are as they should be and other folk say they had it done young and their dog turned out fine.

    I just hate the fact there's no concrete answer and I'm useless with decisions. It'd be fine if he just acted normally but he's a bit too lusty for my liking. ( not lusting after me )

  3. Dogs will hump other dogs whatever so the cocking leg thing so "entire" males don't hump him his bullcrap.
    The bones and muscles thing is bullcrap cuz having their nads chopped off has nothing to do with bones and muscles.
    It physically can't be done properly if both his balls AREN'T down so yes, from the time both his balls have dropped it's fine.
    At the behaviourist I'd just laugh cuz that's a pile of turds too, 3 years is a ridiculous time to wait if you want your male dog some cases that could be half a dogs life.
    If vets in America are doing it at 8 weeks then they're dumb pricks as that's just bad for a puppy.
    Just take my advice and stop reading up about it cuz it'll just mean you'll over worry and won't make a decision. 1 year old or more is perfectly fine. Although I wouldn't wait for 2 years cuz then he'll just get used to his balls lol.

  4. The muscles bit is just to do with testosterone and bulking up since it's a steroid, on the flip side testosterone is what makes him aggresive when he's not allowed to get near another dog, atm it's just biting/ yanking his lead like a stroppy teenager but I'm worried he could become more aggressive. Should say that we meets another dog he is friendly, overly friendly really.

    We were thinking of getting it done at 9 months since he should be around full height by then.

    As you well know I am just gonna worry like an idiot and reading just seems to make it worse, so I shall take your advice and stop reading on castration.