Monday, 16 May 2011


Haven't done a post in a while, tried to do one the other day but sadly blogger was down.

Anyways, so far May has been a relatively good month, after failing my driving test in April due to speeding, I passed at the second time of asking. Got 9 minors, mostly for the same thing. I had thought I had failed right at the start but only got a minor for undue hesitation and I don't believe that was my fault. Was at a roundabout with cars at each of the other junctions and I'm supposed to give way to the guy on my right but he didn't move, eventually the guy on my left moved first and the one on the right went last. So legally I can drive, just need a car and insurance.

Thankfully on that note I have got a new job. Start on Wednesday, after waiting ages to get an interview I got one and got a job which is good. It is only temporary until September but they have said that there is a good chance that it will be longer than that. Which is good. I did think I'd get night shift again but will be working during the day this time.

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