Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Well I'm now into my third week of work. So far working Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday although I did work this bank holiday Monday. They update their weeks on a Sunday so it's kinda weird to think that I work one day then three days off before doing the last three days of the week.

Only have two days of training left, as a group we've been told we've been doing really well, better than they expected but still nervous about working alone. The job is a bit tedious, lots of walking, lots of talking to a computer via a headset and lots of food. The job basically entails picking up a pallet of produce or products, then being told by the computer which store to put how many in and do that for all the Scottish and Northern Irish stores. Sadly now I hear places on TV like a murder in Blantyre this morning and thought " 2 8 8 ".

The computer can really do your nut in though when it gets your 3s and 8s mixed it or misses numbers completely like 2 and 0.

Other than that it's mostly chaffing that is annoying.

Recently read FHMs 100 most beautiful women, however don't agree with most of their list. I would do my own but can't think of 4 categories to use to judge.

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