Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Haven't posted in a while again

As the title says haven't posted in quite some time, this is mainly due to work taking up most of my time. Did a couple of back to back 6am till 6 pm shifts last week, not much fun. Anyways this post is not really about work.

Sadly on Thursday night my paternal Grandmother passed away. She had been in hospital for 5 weeks, originally with a sore leg that the doctors had thought was a trapped nerve. However she managed to get a large amount of bruising whilst at hospital and catch pneumonia. I think most of us thought once she had caught pneumonia there was no going back but nobody wanted to say. She was well into her 90s though.

Despite the fact that she has always lived a minute down the road from me, I've never been close to her. Apparently I never have been either, my mother says I used to cringe as a toddler when she tried to get near me too. I liked my paternal grandfather but have always been closer to my maternal grandparents. Both my grandfathers died when I was a lot younger and as I'm sure I have previously mentioned the death of my maternal grandfather still upsets me.

During the time my grandmother was in hospital, my other gran was not well either and most of my focus was on her, as well as my sisters, which I feel guilty about now. I only went to see my paternal grandmother twice whilst she was in hospital. Whereas I went and got a laptop so my maternal grandmother could watch her movies when in bed since that's all she was really doing, it was a stupid thing to do really but she enjoyed it and made her feel better.

The funeral is tomorrow and I still don't know what to feel.


  1. I'm not close to my grandparents either. Two of them have passed away and I really had no feelings towards it, kind of sad, no?

    I understand about being away. I've been away from blogger for a while too!